Friday, 19 September 2014

Walking from Ednovean Farm

We have easy access to the coastal footpath from Ednovean Farm and our guests have set out regularly across the farm throughout the summer but you know!  Charles and I have stayed at home! So with the unexpected Indian Summer giving warm days of balmy sunshine and an alarm clock purchased for the giddy sum of £6 from Sainsbury's, we've set off for a second day  to enjoy the path ourselves!

Charles with lunch in his back pack

Within half an hour we had chosen a secluded cove and were sitting  and munching the bacon sandwiches that Charles had magically produced from his backpack. We watched a cormorant diving beneath the swell and by the time tea was poured from a flask, a neat Tern settled in the more sheltered water in front of us pirouetting like a ballet dancer with a whisk of its short important tail. Sorry but the camera was just out of reach and really nothing should interfere with a a good bacon sandwich! As the sun came out we settled down to snooze  with a wary eye on the time. Oh that steadily ticking clock that told us when it was time to head for home and meet more guest arriving for Ednovean farm, ready to start a new holiday and perhaps walk the footpath stopping to sample the blackberries along the way. Still it was good to get out and remind ourselves about the treasures on our doorstep.

Blackberries above a cornish cove - sorry i was hurrying for
home and forgot to check the settings on the camera!