Saturday, 30 March 2013

Happy Easter!!

Were has the year gone so far - passed in a blur I think but today dawned to beautiful sunshine and just in time Easter was sunny. As our guests returned home tired but happy I spent a few minutes at the end of the garden closely supervised by spud-Cat of course taking some photos of the sunset. I apologise but one sunset is never enough! I can't bring you the gentle lull of the sea from the beach below Perranuthnoe but here are a few moments at the end of the day at Ednovean Farm for you to enjoy and wishing you all a very Happy Easter

a cats work is never done!

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Monday, 25 March 2013

How's Cornwall in March

St Micheal's Mount below the garden

Newlyn across Mounts bay through the courtyard gates

Newlyn quarry across Mounts Bay with the froth of the garden palms in
the foreground

So How has Cornwall been this March? Pretty good I'd say looking at the weather reports on the T.V. for the rest of the country. Yes some days have been grey as though a huge grey angel had spread her wings and taken the sun, but dry, with sudden sunny days that have made up for the sullen light.

The countryside is waking up now with banks laced with primroses and the trees bursting into leaf at last. The lanes carry their fair share of tractors racing to work the newly dried out fields and prepare for the cycles of growth that mark the rhythm of the countryside just as surely as the fishing boats put to see from the harbours with relentless regularity. Visitors to Cornwall are in for a treat at this time of year with the sudden flashes of yellow around every corner of the flower fields the unexpected profusion and drop dead gorgeous intensity never cease to amaze after a diet of tiny bunches of buds that creep into the shops - this is the real thing, intensely alive.

There is a little flower field at the end of our lane

So many flowers it is a pleasure to pass the field

orderly rows!

The garden has settled down into new growth and I've just finished my March Album on Facebook and to avoid more battles with blogger to upload pictures please click  to see The Garden n March

The formal parterre in the courtyard in front of the house