Sunday 17 March 2019

The changing colours of spring

Gorgeous sunny spring flowers now

Have you notice the prevalence of yellow in the colour pallette of the early spring flowers? The delicious sunny flowers offered by the spring garden that brighten up our days and feed the early insects - only this morning I watched a bumble bee hunting amongst the pot plants and you know - It had yellow stripes!

Naturalised spring daffodils
Daffodils have naturalised on the lower lawns

I love to go out into the garden at this time of the year to try to snap the first flowers after the first winter days

signs of spring

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sweetly scented pale lemon spring primroses
The early primroses always transport me straight back to my childhood

Spring is moving on now!

It has been only as spring has gathered momentum that the blues have started to creep in and I am just starting to spot the shy violets and the first bluebells nestling in the shelter of the cornish banks.

bluebell - early spring flower on a cornish bank
I spotted the first bluebell yesterday

It is such a joy each year to watch the changing colours of the season as the new cycle of life starts again in the garden. Enjoy the spring days ahead :)

spring surprise lavender and daffodils
I hadn't expected the French lavender to flower at the same time as the Daffodils!

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Wednesday 6 March 2019

A table for our days

Vase set for Christmas table

We have a lovely table Refectory that we have used to serve Breakfast to our guests over the years - since 1991 in fact but in each season I like to make it mine agian with a different tweak to reflect the season.

For example at Christmas time it felt right that it should be more formal with a beautiful vintage cut glass vase filled with red roses and bought by my mother for 2/6 (which shows you how many years ago it was!)

You may notice on our General info page a line of simple jam jars twinkling in the candle light and paired with spring daffodils for a more relaxed approach.

Country breakfast table - relaxed style

This year I'm enjoying twining the table with farmhouse style jugs in blue and white to reflect the china on the table and as the year goes on well the wonderful thing about the seasons and personal taste is that it can change with the gentle breeze of the years!

Spring breakfast table for country farmhouse

The year is still young though and I've already moved on to a vintage pressed glass vase for my first welcoming start to the morning for our Bed and Breakfast guests!

Saturday 2 March 2019

The simple joy of watching spring develop again


There is a simple joy in watching the spring develop each year and gently clothe the spare landscape of winter in delicate new green finery.

Each year the bulbs burst from the warm earth agian like old friends renewing an acquaintance and life then goes on seamlessly on the well trodden path as effortlessly as before.

Daffodils growing under palm trees in Cornwall

Slowly the blooms will fade away again and sink to sleep over the dry baking days of summer and they will not stir again until the next spring season comes. And each year they  arrive with a flourish in a well rehearsed dance with the sun and I greet them as old friends that I have missed but known they were so very nearby.

Topiary and spring bulbs t Ednovean Farm

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Friday 18 January 2019

Winter days in our courtyard garden

View through a gate to a palm filled courtyard garden and farmhouse

Is it me or does the winter seem quite long this year? I know I'm already dreaming of summer now. One thing that never fails to cheer me up is our Mediterranean inspired courtyard garden that we made in the old farmyard just looking at the Date Palms always cheers me up every morning as I open the blinds.

Golden sun on the lower courtyard entrance

The fig trees that line the courtyard are bare now of course but they already have fat buds forming to give a gentle hint of the spring days to come and let me dream just a little bit of the warm mellow summer days to come when they will agian with their deep green glossy leaves that hide sweet fruits in their midst.

contrasting palm foliage and bare fig branches in a courtyard

Tuesday 8 January 2019

Nearly a sunset

Old farmhouse at dusk - Ednovean Farm

We very nearly had a sunset last night - in fact I even brought the camera out in anticipation but instead the distant glow of the sun only pierced the clouds for an instant, as the dark of the winter evening wrapped us again in its embrace.

Monday 7 January 2019

Today at Ednovean Farm

spring planting - hellebore

It was only a simple white flower pale and ethereal - almost too delicate to survive but it brightened up my morning as I hung the washing out this morning.

Over the years I've learnt to put the spring flowers near to the house in the places I'm likely to visit the most in the course of a working day when dusk comes early.

Spring flowers

So the little supermarket finds, the gifts from neighbours have found a home not in the outer garden where summer days tempt me to linger and wander but in the unpromising area betwixt house,stables and boundary wall. and on gloomy mornings how I treasure their appearance!

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Spring bulbs emerging set in Terracotta pots
I've filled a selection of treasured terracotta pots with spring bulbs to put beside the front door

Friday 31 August 2018

Summertime gardens at Ednovean Farm

Table and chairs set on sun dappled cobbles under an Olive Tree
Sun dapples cobbles under an Olive tree at Ednovean Farm

Well what a summer we have had this year with each day conjuring up images of the Mediterranean to our everyday lives. Our Garden has flourished here at Ednovean Farm this year, enjoying the dry heat and basking in the sunshine.
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Golden Oat grass and growing Echiums
A succession of grasses give autumn interest

I must say that even  now on the cusp of autumn the garden is still sending up new growth towards the sun. If you have missed my regular updates do pop along to Google+ to visit my Garden collection where I add my snaps a couple of times a week.

Gravel terrace with Hydrangeas above Date Palms
Early morning sunshine on the terrace above the Date Palms

Sunny formal sundial garden above the sea
What a difference a season makes! (see below!)
Will we ever have such a wonderful summer agian or will be forever destined to intone "In my young day the summers were so hot!" Time will tell but I'd prefer us not to see the Beast from the East again this winter What a long journey we have made into our perfect Mediterranean Summer in the Garden

View over formal garden to st Michael's Mount in the snow
Snow envelopes our garden - to see more snaps click here