Thursday, 15 February 2018

Where's the Ednovean Diary?

spring daffodils - ednovean farm gardens
February 2017
So where has the Ednovean Diary gone to? Well it is still alive and well and available on our website but every now and again I do pop in yo here to give you a gentle reminder about how to find it.

It's not that I don't like Blogger, it is so easy to use but I just don' have time to keep up two blogs at the moment - or maybe I only have one thought at a time!

So this was Ednovean Farm this week in the cool light of the February sunshine as our ivy-clad Farmhouse settled to wait for summer as it has no doubt done over the centuries.

Ivy clad Farmhouse - Ednovean Farm
Ednovean Farm - February 2017

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Saturday, 12 November 2016

We've enjoyed the balmy days and spent our spare hours exploring some of Cornwall's wildest beaches!

We’ve made the most of our autumn exploring the unspoilt beach of West Cornwall and The Lizard and there are so many more to see but alas on a farm as the days close in.  The couple of hours we had to spare in the afternoons is swallowed up now, along with the day light, until the nights draw out again but until then here are some memories from those last magical days that still hint of summer days. Mind you there is always the consolation of a freshly baked croissant for lazy Sunday breakfast!
Gunwalloe, Poldhu and Dollar Coves have made a great finish to our autumn exploring the sandy beaches of Cornwall. One of my personal favourites has to be Portheras and Boat Cove for sheer unadulterated beauty. Kennegy for is contrasting appeal and local history beside Prussia Cove and our walk along the spectacular Godrevy and Gwinear beach will stay in my memory for a long time. Porth Chapel for a blissful sunday afternoon and Risney at high tide for moments lent from a busy day. And we even found time to walk down to the local beach in Perranuthnoe!
Porthcurno beach
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Tuesday, 9 February 2016

A winter gale

Perranuthnoe Beach at low tide yesterday
My word the wind blew yesterday! No sooner had i written my latest blog about the steady step of spring than cornwall was gripped by the teeth of a vicious gale insidiously called "Imogen" We knew it was coming of course as the wind quietly gathered momentum building from a whisper barely moving the daffodils, to a primeval roar carrying all before it.

We kept our horse safely in their stables for the day and the cats made their own arrangements involving a cosy blanket by the fire and it was only the human contingent of myself and Charles that ferried bales of hay and buckets of horse food about tin the stingingly cold winds.

I do believe our Bed and Breakfast guest enjoyed watching the raw power of nature bringing line after line of white capped waves towards the beaches and harbours over the weekend though and on Monday,  I did walk down through Perranuthnoe to the beach and it was so quietly peaceful in the lea o f the houses that I was totally unprepared for the stinging force of the wind as I reached the slipway. I quickly realised that even if I could cling to the handrail to the beach the blizzard like sand was not going to do my poor camera any good what so ever and retreated as the better part of valour.

I was grateful to our homes thick granite walls yesterday
We woke up to a still and tranquil world again this morning with the birds - so silent yesterday - again starting to sing in the bushes and I threw down an extra handful of oats to the little robin bobbing about beside the stables waiting for the horses breakfast - yesterday was a hard day for him after all.

Away from the February gales if you would like to follow my preparation for summer in our garden at Ednovean Farm the click here 

Each day now brings us a little bit more light as the sun climbs higher in the sky and a little bit nearer to the time when my garden will spring back into life and each day I eagerly watch for the signs of spring - don't you now too?!

Spud and Louis snoozed through the storm in the house of course

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Let's celebrate winter days

A view across a cornish valley towards
Tregonning Hill

Let's celebrate winter days that offer long tranquil views and sparkling seas still in Cornwall. 

Last week i explored between countryside and Sea with my camera and found plenty to inspire me from the soft tranquil landscape in the mellow colours of winter to the bright glittering seas lapping around Mounts bay. The colours are lovely and the occasional bright flashes of vibrant yellow that are the daffodil fields never cease to intrigue me. I did stop ner to a daffodil with pickers working but they started to look rather anxious so drove away!
St Michael's Mount in the winter sunshine

A quick walk towards the sea

Next I parked in Perranuthnoe and took the bridlepath from near the church that runs towards Trenow beach and Marazion and followed the blue sea with St Michael's Mount always seeming to be beside me
The bridlepath winds down towards Marazion

So for a few precious minutes I celebrated the winter day between the countryside and the coast and have some  memories to store away - if you would like to follow my walk further just click on the link above to read a little more

Monday, 11 January 2016

Longer days ahead!

My January Breakfast table at Ednovean Farm
At last as we pass the winter solstice we can look forward to the longer days ahead and maybe - just maybe there is a glimmer of light upon the horizon. I can quite understand how early man viewed the winter as a time to chase away the dark spirits and perform rituals to encourage the sun to return. In fact I can quite sympathise with the idea amid the relentless gloom that surrounds us at the moment.

Still I have a few little tricks to brighten up the morning here for our guests and always fill the Breakfast room with candle light with a jug of bright daffodils to distill the winter gloom with the promise of spring just around the corner - because if I cannot encourage the sun to shine or the spring to come, at least I can set a bright cheerful place to start the day.

To read more of my Breakfast tips to start the morning, try my blog next blog about Breakfast at Ednovean Farm
The gentle glow of candles in the morning light

I use an eclectic collection of country chin to give a relaxed feel to breakfast

Friday, 25 December 2015

Merry Christmas!!

I just popped by to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and thankyou for reading my blog and for your comments over the year. Today is a computer free day but lots of Turkey, a little Christmas Pudding, a glass of wine and a snooze in front of the TV with a nice warm puss-cat snuggled down on my lap with a happy purr. so wishing you a very special day away from the everyday routines of life and with hope for the coming year Merry Christmas!!

Monday, 21 December 2015

Christmas time in Cornwall

We eventually found the fairy for the Christmas Tree

The magic moments of Christmas are about to settle over the land and here in Cornwall, preparations have been going on for some time in the house, ready for the festive season. This year I've added a little Christmas  spirit at a time to our home at Ednovean Farm, building layers of Christmas gently starting with the first candle for Christmas and finishing with choosing the perfect Christmas tree for our hall.

2015 and the Christmas Tree is ready at last!

Local Cornish traditions

Mousehole lights

The Christmas lights are making a magical arc around Mounts Bay now, twinkling above the old granite towns and lighting the harbours never more so than at the famous Christmas lights of  Mousehole harbour that draws people from around the country to soak up the Christmas atmosphere in the little sheltered haven from the winter storms. Sadly for one night the lights are switched off leaving only a candle and angle to remember the lost of the Solomon Browne lifeboat crewed by the men from Mousehole, that went out in atrocious conditions to try to rescue people from a stricken ship. It was only as the little if boat went in for the last time perilously near to the rocks that the ship pitched over in the darkness and took the lifeboat and brave crew to the bottom.

Montol Festival

In Penzance the Winter solstice festival of Monool will be underway with a week of celebrations culminating in a candle lit parade of masked participants wearing mock fancy dress

A corner of our hall at Ednovean Farm

Wild swimming in Cornwall

Throughout Cornwall there are a a hardy band of swimmers that swim each day come rain or shine and in Penzance the Battery rocks are a popular launch point. This Christmas on Boxing Day the local, the visitors, the I-eaten-too-much-turkey will race to the Sea in Sennen to plunge into the surf in one of the most popular iconic Christmas events of Cornwall.Try this map to find the nearest spot to you.  Sadly i seem to have mislaid my costume for a while but I love sitting on a quiet cove  with a warming flask of hot chocolate aferra swim in the sea and thee is an amazing wave of warmth that suddenly spreads through your body and a great feeling of peace after a dip in the sea, although personally I've never swum below a temperature of 14 degrees in the sea water!

I hope that you enjoy your Christmas and my little blogs leading up to the celebrations and it only leaves me to wish you a very Happy Christmas!!