Thursday, 25 October 2012

Falling leaves and a trip aound the garden

October and the view from the terrace framed by
the Pampass blooms

As the season moves on the leaves have started to fall drifting down to land with an audible clatter on the country lanes where I ride Dani for his daily exercise and I'm starting to see the strings of berries in the hedgerows now - bright points of colour as the season fades to shorter days.

Danilon our Spanish Stallion showing off
his party trick

Spud Cat celebrated the annual trim of the Ivy that clothes the front of the house, by clambering up it in pursuit of a bird (bad Spud) and passed the kitchen window on the first floor at about dusk. I watched with curiosity to see if his nine lives were needed anticipating a trip to the vet at least but no, Spud neatly reversed back down the creeper with only a few feathers to show for his adventure.

We've had a few spring like beautiful days just recently and so I've added a few more garden photos for this gentle season - luckily we only have one real "leaf shedding" tree although the Palms are doing their best to scatter their strappy leaves at the least puff of wind but generally the garden goes on in its own world and we have been struck by the little micro climate that has formed here now that the shelter belt has grown up. So!! photos!

Morning coffee on the terrace in the sunshine -
Charles has been discharged by the fracture clinic

Those Agapanthus that we loved in bloom
just about ready to scatter their seeds

The stately Verbascums are still flowering

Dappled sunshine now in the sundial garden

We bought the sundial for our third weddign anniversary

A surprise self seeded poppy bringing memories of summer

The "entrance court" I must be brave a pull a lot of the old plants out soon

I love the maturing Trachycarpus Fortunie (Chusan Palm) and now wish
I had planted more of course!

The Parterre in the afternoon

Morning sunshine on the side of the stables

A garden chair dwarfed by some tree ferns

Sunset over Perranuthnoe

A tree in one of the farm gateways framing the sunset over Mounts Bay

My other photos of the October garden can be found here:- October Garden

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Our vintage Orchard

Ripe apples in our little Orchard of Vintage West Country Apples

Some years ago we planted a small orchard of vintage West Country Apples at Ednovean farm and whilst it might not have been the best year for the trees at least now they are tree sized and the redundant but romantic looking hen House is starting to look at home there.

Our hen house is now perfectly positioned - so are the local foxes!

We kept chickens for a few years without incident and then Mr Fox decided it was his very own "Take Away" and so after numerous sorties we decided it was easier to re home the chickens than the fox.....for now. And I've found a great commercial free range flock in the next village so still fresh eggs for breakfast without that nail biting wait outside of the hen house for the last eggs needed, as guests are arriving for their breakfast!

Apples ready to pick

Such a glorious day today

Marazion car park

Marazion beach snaking towards Penzance

Marazion beyond Red River

We stopped for a picnick at Marazion on Sunday, parking our car to overlook the beach because of Charle's broken leg and as you can see it is a parking spot with a view!

I must say i was riding Danni up towards the cross roads out of the village the other morning and a car pulled alongside with Perran lady in who kindly enquired about "his leg" I assured her that Danni was much better but the vet was coming later to check him...........It wasn't until much later i realised you were probably asking about Charles!! He'd doing quite well really and we go back to the fracture clinic tomorrow .....probably no need for the vet!
Penzance where the beach ends

A car with a view! Just right for poorly legs

A simple sunset

The sun setting beyond the courtyard at Ednovean
Farm as the fountain plays on!

October has brought us some lovely sunsets not your "in your face" variety but gentle affairs as befits the season.  Although I must say that some days the sunrise has been even better - alas I'm not awake enough to think about cameras at that time so sunsets it is!

Mount bay beyond the garden

Friday, 12 October 2012

The october garden

Dappled sunshine on pots of succulents, outside of the Apricot room's
French doors

As we step into October I thought I would put together a garden update as the garden celebrates it's zenith in a small spring. As last year I've added to our spring bulb collection to give us something to look forward to and now to wait!

Dawn breaking behind the house the other morning

Everywhere those creamy white plumes

The Chusan palms are making more height now

The view from the courtyard now with the
added froth

Looking back across the lawn towards the house

The walk along the lower terrace

Rabbits enjoying the grass

Across the lawn again

another meandering pathway


The cacti that somehow survives all weathers

Miscanthus in the Italian garden

An Agave tucked in the gravel border

The Hydrangea is fading now but One lavender is still
performing well!

The lavenders have been trimmed into neat mounds
in the sundial garden

Tall yellow daisies

Looking across the lawn towards the Italian garden

One of our garden gates

The rather gorgeous Agave i bought at the Tremenheere garden opening

One of the gentle grey borders

A Pink dawn

St Micheal's Mount flushed pink by the reflection of
the dawn

Newlyn across Mounts Bay - The rose on the
garden room has produced some autumn

Over the courtyard wall again Looking across
Mounts Bay to Newlyn

Each day i start by carrying the oats down to the waiting brood mares below the garden and the other morning the bay caught the pink reflection of the sunrise behind the house picking out Penzance and Newlyn in delicate colours and matching the second flush of flowers of our garden room rose

As night falls

As night falls at Ednovean Farm

The steady onset of dusk each day brings the Autumn nearer and some evenings the garden is cast in a last dramatic silhouette before the dusk
. In the garden the Pampas grasses have provided their one last fanfare rising in dramatic plumes some stocky some elegant and all moving gently in the breeze against the autumn sky. On the telegraph wires I've noticed the starling gathering and yet the warm earth steams some days over fields of winter wheat - the strange contrast of Autumn - more of a fading spring with a contrast of promises.

Dusk from our courtyard

Sunset across the garden the other night now with its
nodding accompaniment of pampas plumes