Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Our vintage Orchard

Ripe apples in our little Orchard of Vintage West Country Apples

Some years ago we planted a small orchard of vintage West Country Apples at Ednovean farm and whilst it might not have been the best year for the trees at least now they are tree sized and the redundant but romantic looking hen House is starting to look at home there.

Our hen house is now perfectly positioned - so are the local foxes!

We kept chickens for a few years without incident and then Mr Fox decided it was his very own "Take Away" and so after numerous sorties we decided it was easier to re home the chickens than the fox.....for now. And I've found a great commercial free range flock in the next village so still fresh eggs for breakfast without that nail biting wait outside of the hen house for the last eggs needed, as guests are arriving for their breakfast!

Apples ready to pick

Such a glorious day today