Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Afternoon at Perranuthnoe Beach

We visited Perranuthnoe Beach today, just a short stroll across the fields from Ednovean Farm but as we were "resting" between jobs we took the car and admired the car park were usually the surfers park under the sheltering trees with the tantalising glimpse of the sea.

Not for the us the glorious foot path stretching away to Prussia Cove today and beyond, where this week the International Music Seminar is taking place, filling the rocky coves with delightful chamber for the primeval lure of the empty beach and a few moments beside the sea.

We ambled along the tide line, idly watching a solitary dog bounding about with unabated joy, making the most of the precious time until dogs are banned from the beach for the summer, poor thing, before strolling on occasionally spotting the odd strand of sea weed on the perfect expanse of sand.

Even though we live within sight and sound of the sea nothing can capture the power of standing beside the surging water or the absolute thrill of its unstoppable power..............and finding a hole in ones wellies! Still the afternoon was gorgeous, just a little time before tackling the supermarket ready for my Easter Guests

The perfectly smooth reflective surface of the sand

The tide rippling in

The dramatic light

The primal force of the waves

The textures of the guarding rocks, slowly being polished by the tides

The open spaces revealed at low tide

and the sky reflected in the sea pools................Hope to see you in Cornwall very soon!

Sunday, 28 March 2010

British "Summer" Time

Flags by the Jubilee Pool a atmospheric Art Deco Lido on Penzance promenade

Well British Summer time has arrived here in Cornwall at the precisely the same time as the rest of the country and probably with the same "weather" So now is a good time to reflect on the treats to come with the approaching summer and today's images came from the summer of 2009. I must thank Mike Mc Nally again for the stunning images that he took whilst staying with us at Ednovean Farm last summer.

Fishing boats in St Ives Harbour.............OK I don't know for sure but if Perran Lady or Keith Hargreaves reads this perhaps they could give the definitive answer!

Familiar ground - a fantastic sunset to cap the day from the gardens at Ednovean Farm

Another magical shot of the Mount from our garden

Beach combing strictly for the birds

Low tide in a Cornish Harbour

The illusive Wilbur in his favourite spot - I swear he now eats more than Ollie our "official" cat
There is always a hidden itinerary of the clocks change - the bedside clocks of course but then a whole plethora of timers and devices need to be reset often in inaccessible places and not forgetting the forgotten one that puts the whole house out triumphantly at some time or another. But still Summer time is upon us and with it the summer creeps closer - having checked that I am not indeed dead at the very early hour this morning I staggered out to feed the very surprised horse before cooking Breakfast but it always seems a rotten trick for our guests that have come for a relaxing weekend to have to get up an hour earlier on holiday.
And so I hope that you enjoy the summer images this evening and think of those balmy evenings spent with a glass of wine on the terrace waiting for that perfect sunset.

Friday, 26 March 2010

A Da Vince update

Time to record that little Da Vince aka Tufty, can now see over the stable door! We've had to rescue him and his mum from the squally showers a couple of times this week and he rolls ecstatically in the clean straw in his stable to dry himself off, as soon as he gets back in. He's growing every day though and all set to grow out of his first rug quite soon now, luckily there are two more sizes in "hand-me-downs" waiting for him. But at least the grass has now started to grow for them in the fields depleted by the cold winter and the froth of the may flowers have joined the dancing catkins in the hedgerows.

Our days pass in a steady rhythm, as we beetle about feeding and turning the horses out first thing in the morning before cooking our guest breakfast, and as steadily as an insistent rhythm we can't miss a beat or we are left behind by a tide of jobs - but walking across the fields first thing in the mornings over pasture heavy with dew is often the very nicest time of the day.

Ollie cat has his own agenda that seldom varies and so it was a surprise to find him missing last night - I march about shrieking "Ollie Ollie" in a good impression of the "mad-Cat-woman-of-Ednovean" up and down the lane and around the stables when a plaintive wailing joined the cacophony..............from Ollie who had been unaccountably locked int he tack room. as you can see he is still looking very serious this evening but made a point of trotting in front of us back to the house tonight!

A slightly morose view of the garden in the gloom today but the daffodils are looking bright and cheerful!

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Another spring

There was a second official declaration of spring today, the official end to the gloom of winter. Right on cue, the first baby rabbit of the year bounced about the parterre only to hide coquettishly under the box hedge at the sight of the "rabbit killing"camera...........ah and he'll grow up to mow the lawn,.......... the shrubs,.............. the flowers .........and before we know even more rabbits will appear - still he's pretty cute at the moment!

A baby rabbit in the Parterre this morning

Sunset in the garden

A sunset from the Blure room terrace

The Blue room wasn't taken the other night and so i was able to record the sunset from its private terrace - not bad for March?!

Monday, 15 March 2010

An elegant March

March has had a certain elegance so far this year in Cornwall with dry sunny days reminiscent of a spring in the Mediterranean. "My" patch of violets that intrigue me each year, have grown dusty in the drought but as i crouched close to take the photos the delicious scent filled the narrow lane to perfection.

Through the garden the drifts of Daffodils glow intensely yellow - some in neat, rather too organised clumps and some spread randomly across the grass

Ollie pads knowledgeably about enjoying the warmth and lengthening days

Room for yet more Daffodils in the Garden room

We have enough rabbits now to keep the grass down really well!

i was struck by the intense light when we came back from Penzance today

beach combing finds in a quiet corner

Friday, 5 March 2010

Ednovean Farm this morning

We woke up to a glorious morning this morning in Cornwall with the merest hint of mist casting a mysterious light across Mounts Bay

The almost ethereal light around St Micheal's Mount beyond our courtyard

Our first task of the day is always to feed the horse and turn them out into the fields - this morning we had no guests and so I had time for a few "family photos" Firstly Diva mum to Dolly and Amie and now carrying Dani's precious baby too..........I must admit to a soft spot for Diva the lovely chaser who fell on the racecourse never to race again

and Divas first daughter Dolly (another soft spot there as well)..............

I had time to school Dani our stallion today at Kestral in St Hilary

Ollie of course padding around the stable yards

and lastly our newest addition to our family Da Vince otherwise know as Tufty practising looking for grass ...............for more horsey pics please visit Dani's blog!

Thursday, 4 March 2010

A summer flight

As the summer days draw nearer the memories come to the front of my mind of those very special holiday that our guest take in Cornwall. I was delighted to receive a disk of photos from Mike Mc Nally photographer who took a "busmans holiday" with his camera when staying at Ednovean Farm. to record his scenic flight from Lands End Airport with stunning results. Take a tour from the sky this morning and beat the winter blues!

Hayle estuary from the air

One of the many Engine houses that lay across the moors in Cornwall

Mr and Mrs Mc Nally at Lands End airfield

The island at St Ives

North cliffs

A typical Cornish Farmstead from the air

We think this is Gurnard's Head!