Saturday, 31 October 2009

Stick or treat

Celia Cohen, an animal physiotherapist paid a call today to Danilon our Spanish stallion. Celia wanted Dani to stretch his neck a little more and what better way than an apple on a stick!
First load the goody on to the stick under said stallions very nose............

make sure that you have the horses full attention......

and follow that apple

where ever it goes............Thanks Celia xxDani

yum - the best apple ever

Happy Halloween

Olley Taylor inspecting his fur coat

Happy Halloween! Olley has been washing all day to prepare for his big night out but alas the broom stick has no current MOT so we're grounded at present. Still at least the fog has lifted and tomorrow is another day.

View from the kitchen steps yesterday..........slightly foggy!

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

and still the crickets sing

Mares and foals at Ednovean Farm led by Archie ( See below!)

And still the crickets sing each night as I find my way across the lane in the darkness to give Lizzie and April their late night supper.
Each evening I can never resist listening for a moment to the sweet insistent pulse of the crickets song throbbing in the darkness. The eternal rasp of autumn that reminds me of childhood holidays walking home with my parents giddily late at night with the crickets music filling the night air around me. To this day the haunting melody transports me back to the magic of sea side holidays of childhood. Each night i pause and wonder if tonight the sound will not be there - if the balmy autumn has gone when the heat of the day sends the midges in clouds to dance between the sheltering Cornish banks and Sootty and Dani whisk their tails as they amble along - but no, each night it is still there - the lilting refrain hidden in the darkness.

The menacing low on the weather map looked ominous for my night time revelry but today the skies cleared after a gusty night so perhaps there will be a little more magic in the night air before we settle to winter.

The brood mares have collectively decided to live together this week, moving in together to share the top fields with the fabulous views out across West Penwith always the most sought after grazing position on the farm -although they are keeping their foals tightly to their sides at present calling them back with shrill insistent knickers if they venture too far towards "them". Archie it must be said knows something about the new arrangements - the cheeky, hapless, little boy colt, pushed his head through a five bar gate and there it stuck leaving his poor mother April metaphorically wringing her hands, as mothers have done throughout the country when small boys push their head through railing and they have to call the fire brigade to get them out. Luckily for Archie Charles came along and lifted the gate for him to wriggle free but by this time all parties had taken the opportunity to change fields through the now open gate, sweeping along with their foals behind them and so they have stayed happily mixed.

Just as the rain stopped this morning

Diva with her Daughters - Amie aged five months and Dolly aged one and a half

April and Archie

Annie and Lizzie

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Some one scribbled on the sky today

Well really - some one scribbled on the sky today with a broad imperious hand, the jagged strokes of an impatient child's crayon, carving the brilliant blue with a distinctive hand.

We really didn't notice until we sat down in the garden for morning coffee under the dazzling, crystal clear morning..........

Through the garden to St Micheal's Mount

The sun set tonight in a golden glow - not the rich burning colour of a few weeks ago but with a silken restrained haze, as the year fades gently towards autumn. But welcome non the less, after a burnished day of infinite charm, as a prelude to an evening when the crickets still sing and the stars will lay bright across the midnight sky.

The sunset from our kitchen window at Ednovean Farm ( well Charles refused to go outside again!)

The floodlights this evening, catching the contours of the fountain in the centre of the Parterre

A test run on the roll top bath

Well with the Pink room vacant last night it was definitely time for a test run on the central bateau bath - with bubbles of course. I can report that it is definitely up to standard and the Rayburn is in mega hot water production. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Lavender bubbles filling the Pink room bathroom

Thursday, 8 October 2009

A brilliant day

Tree ferns in a sunken shady courtyard just below the kitchen steps at Ednovean Farm reaching towards the afternoon sun

Bamboo in a pot

The yuckas and Palms are again in flower

Well today was simply perfect - a perfect blue sky with perfect warm sunshine and so a perfect time to take stock of the garden as it approaches Autumn. How does it look? Are there any flowers and the answer was quite a few. The yuckas are sending up increasingly exotic blooms around the garden and the cordylines have been lulled into thinking they should flower again. The rather gorgeous white hydrangea I was seduced into buying in the spring, has produce one perfect, stunning bloom and other strange plants that I must have bought in a fit of enthusiasm are artfully sending out their strange endeavours to remind me of their presence.

The lovely white flower in the herb garden

But a strange bloom or two for visitors to find

The stable yard

Olly's selected spot for the afternoon

A forgotten shell with a memory of a day spent beach combing

The cordylines in flower in the stable yard glimsed over the courtyard wall

The figs may well fig again - our birds must be getting very fat indeed by now

and at the end of the afternoon as always the brood mares and their foals come in to their nice warm beds and supers............and so the day ended today at Ednvoean Farm

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Help cancellation

Help - our beautiful Pink room has just had a weeks cancellation - so from being full we're......well a bit empty! So if a cosy, atmospheric, romantic bedroom is for you with a huge bathroom with a central bath do call..................

Monday, 5 October 2009

Today at Ednovean Farm

Foals Annie and Archie climbing the hill above Mounts Bay with their mums Lizzie and April in attendance this morning.

Amie growing more independent of her mum Diva

Mares and foals at Ednovean Farm

We woke up this morning to the insistent tap of the falling rain - the first here for over three weeks, catching in glowing droplets on the bamboo outside of the stables. But after breakfast the skies unexpectedly cleared for a gorgeous day the the young foals and their mums relished about the farm here - My how they've grown our little band of foals by our Spanish stallion Danilon ( for more horsey picture go to Dani's blog) but I thought you might like to see how they were doing!

Archie (ten weeks ) with his mum April enjoying the newly refreshed grass

Sunday, 4 October 2009

The full moon

We always settle the horses before we go to bed and tonight we were captivated by the lovely full moon sailing over the farm. Charles captured this lovely shot of an evening cast in a silver light

Into October

The urns in the grass border now cocooned in the luxuriant growth

Olly's pleasure at the late sunshine

The fountain plays on into the autumn with the lingering memory of summer

The gathering storm that mercifully nearly or mostly missed us

yes well - he can't give up yet, our autumns are increasingly balmy with normally only a taste of winter in January and February

As we slip gently into October the days still retain their warmth, although a low challenged briefly this weekend, with darkening skies and gathering winds sending the grasses dancing crazily against the sky around the garden. Yet as the sun flashed out again from behind the clouds Olly wriggled his toes and soaked up the warmth squirming with pleasure in the mellow gravel of the courtyards.

Charles has continued to trudge muttering behind his lawn mower walking away archly acted exhaustion until i threatened to take his photo - and so I did!