Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Some one scribbled on the sky today

Well really - some one scribbled on the sky today with a broad imperious hand, the jagged strokes of an impatient child's crayon, carving the brilliant blue with a distinctive hand.

We really didn't notice until we sat down in the garden for morning coffee under the dazzling, crystal clear morning..........

Through the garden to St Micheal's Mount

The sun set tonight in a golden glow - not the rich burning colour of a few weeks ago but with a silken restrained haze, as the year fades gently towards autumn. But welcome non the less, after a burnished day of infinite charm, as a prelude to an evening when the crickets still sing and the stars will lay bright across the midnight sky.

The sunset from our kitchen window at Ednovean Farm ( well Charles refused to go outside again!)

The floodlights this evening, catching the contours of the fountain in the centre of the Parterre