Thursday, 8 October 2009

A brilliant day

Tree ferns in a sunken shady courtyard just below the kitchen steps at Ednovean Farm reaching towards the afternoon sun

Bamboo in a pot

The yuckas and Palms are again in flower

Well today was simply perfect - a perfect blue sky with perfect warm sunshine and so a perfect time to take stock of the garden as it approaches Autumn. How does it look? Are there any flowers and the answer was quite a few. The yuckas are sending up increasingly exotic blooms around the garden and the cordylines have been lulled into thinking they should flower again. The rather gorgeous white hydrangea I was seduced into buying in the spring, has produce one perfect, stunning bloom and other strange plants that I must have bought in a fit of enthusiasm are artfully sending out their strange endeavours to remind me of their presence.

The lovely white flower in the herb garden

But a strange bloom or two for visitors to find

The stable yard

Olly's selected spot for the afternoon

A forgotten shell with a memory of a day spent beach combing

The cordylines in flower in the stable yard glimsed over the courtyard wall

The figs may well fig again - our birds must be getting very fat indeed by now

and at the end of the afternoon as always the brood mares and their foals come in to their nice warm beds and supers............and so the day ended today at Ednvoean Farm