Sunday, 4 October 2009

Into October

The urns in the grass border now cocooned in the luxuriant growth

Olly's pleasure at the late sunshine

The fountain plays on into the autumn with the lingering memory of summer

The gathering storm that mercifully nearly or mostly missed us

yes well - he can't give up yet, our autumns are increasingly balmy with normally only a taste of winter in January and February

As we slip gently into October the days still retain their warmth, although a low challenged briefly this weekend, with darkening skies and gathering winds sending the grasses dancing crazily against the sky around the garden. Yet as the sun flashed out again from behind the clouds Olly wriggled his toes and soaked up the warmth squirming with pleasure in the mellow gravel of the courtyards.

Charles has continued to trudge muttering behind his lawn mower walking away archly acted exhaustion until i threatened to take his photo - and so I did!