Sunday, 18 August 2013

Red sky at night

A glorious sunset from Ednovean Farm

The glorious sunset from Ednovean Farm the other evening should have given some weight to the saying "red sky at night Shepherds delight" to indicate good weather to come but alas it rained the following day...........Perhaps the predicted return to Summer that is starting to be promised by those Weather people is slowly creeping across the country and lending gravitas to the sunset a day or so earlier than the predictions!

St Micheal's Mount framed by the teasels that soften the boundary between
garden and farmland

The sky was so glorious I was spoilt for choice to position the camera!

On the farm this week Lillie made the big move into the big paddock leaving the little orchard in front of the stables to join her half sibling Lizzie and form a pact to take on the world - well maybe they will have to grow a little bit first. They came back into the small enclose though,  for their field to be topped yesterday and I caught them examining their winter feed with the air of skilled "window shoppers"

Lizzie (left) and Lillie (right) in front of the hayledge store

We've nearly finished our struggles with the horrible Ragwort - a coupe of busy days of changeovers and washing machines slowed the progress but tomorrow is definitely the day when we beat the weed!

Thursday, 15 August 2013

A mousers llife

Spud Taylor "mousing operative"

A mousers life can lead to many adventures and if all else fails there is always a comfy chair with a good view to wend the day away. After last weeks adventure to the vets the blood curdling shriek under our window at about 5.00 am meant Spud was swiftly let in and I don't think he stopped until he got to his biscuit bowl! By the time I went across the lawn to feed the brood mares though he was racing along beside me on his normal form all thought or marauding tabbies forgot and soon got to work from a good view point on top of the post and rails.

Spud intent on his duties

Do not disturb serious work being undertaken

It was a two rabbit morning in the Italian Garden
this morning (the second is a little nearer to me!)

So a sleepy grey morning, this morning, at Ednovean with the sound of the sea roaring up from the cove below us and the droplets of water still clinging to the Crocosmia  - I  glanced into the Italian Garden as I passed and came to conclusion that it was a two Rabbit morning - not many people have an automated grass cutting system.......

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Enjoy the rain!

Ednovean Farm on an August summer evening

It has been a changeable week this week with sudden showers giving way to sunshine and then swinging back again to grey, one Italian lady guest phoned home to Italy and her mother told her to "enjoy the rain as it was 40 degrees there! So our climate does have some compensations!
 I took this snap of the house the other evening after feeding the mares in the front field - they like to gather near the gate at the end of the garden watching the gateway into the courtyard.

April enjoying her supper

A horses eye view to the front door!

Are the shadows a little longer now and is the dew a little bit heavier? Certainly the grass hoppers have started to sing in the evenings bringing back memories of childhood holidays when I was allowed to stay up to a giddily late hours of ooh nine 'o clock.

The shadows on the lawn are a little bit longer now

Our now trademark teasels against the sea

Can you see the Gunnera on the little sunken lawn?

The seeds have held on to the glorious Golden oat
Grass framing the entrance to the Italian Garden

So all in all it was a quiet week here - we battled the Ragwort in the fields each day getting up at 6.00am to clear a section of pasture each day and only have two acres left to do.... groan..Pilling the evil yellow weed up on the bonfire ready to burn. Spud has continued to race about on his newly mended leg and the new hoover broke down ................. So it was back to........ Wait for it Anon Currys!

Sunday, 4 August 2013

My, what a week!

Newly mown lawns at Ednovean Farm

My, what a week the delicate transition to August has had a few hick ups along the way It could ahve started when I took it into my head to power wash our frankly scruffy land rover and sure enough the first time I drove the newly gleaming machine up through Marazion the wing mirror was knocked off by an impatient Scaffolding lorry and not matter how I checked the rear view mirror I couldn't quite read the number plate so jumped out, after checking the rear view mirror, check hand brake, check rear view mirror routine and ........sure enough the lorry was out of my focused vision. Ah well the wing mirror was clean when it met its end. The next hick up came along, when I dragged our trusty old industrial hoover up into the kitchen to hover the floor a couple of mornings later and listened to the motor slowly droned to a halt accompanied by a pall of smoke - not good. Flitting down through the building to find Charles I found Spud scattering white hairs on a salon sofa and unaccountably unable to put one back leg to the floor. Decided to watch Spud for a sprain and buy a new hoover from Curries hmm well it works wonderfully but I think they should supply ear defenders with it. By the next day the power tripped in the Blue room and of course the shower had passed on too sigh, luckily our lovely plumber fitted a new one while our guests were out which just left Spud hopping on three legs, so we dragged the old picnic basket out of the back of the stables and off Spud when to the vets wailing miserably about cats not needing to travel by car. The vet found a couple of nasty puncture wounds and gave him a long lasting antibiotic and voila by the next day Spud was back in the fast lane. and naturally when Charles set off to mow the lawn with the replacement lawn mower it caught fire so something of a relief that ours came back the next day.... I only hope that next week is an improvement !!

Still on a brighter note the garden has moved on and grown voluptuous - the little bed near the entrance has retreated into discreet retirement with just the march of the box balls showing it edges, as the Fig trees froth overhead, so lets take a look around the garden instead to see how it has fared this week

The entrance bed marked by the rhythmic planting of box and backed
by the ripening figs

The steps that climb up to the back stables has all but
been swathed by the enveloping vegetation

Spud cat on the road again after his nasty bite

our entrance path

Agapanthus have seeded themselves about in the gravel

Do you ever stop to buy from the little road side stalls that spring up around the Cornish lanes - I passed this gorgeous little Echivra every day riding Danni until I could stand it no longer and returned to buy it for £1 (proceeds to shelter box) and then visited the next stall on my list to add this pretty silver plant and some flowers for our reception table £1.20 and £0.50 respectively ( for African schools) A lovely way to add to the garden and give a little to charity as well

Little plants for the garden from Rosudgeon

I had just the spot for the echivra beside my new path

Spud cat

As i walk across our fields in the winter to feed the horses I've picked
up the pebbles that have come up from the beach probably in loads of
 sea weed and stored them in a bucked ready for "the path!"

The terrace in front of the garden room

The lower border

Quite a modern pot design but just right for this little palm

I've filled pots with white Hydrangeas in the courtyard
this year

but we still have our mega bright pinks in the car park -
I had to start to water them in the heat wave recently!

And so this was our week at Ednovean Farm hope that you enjoyed our garden