Sunday, 11 August 2013

Enjoy the rain!

Ednovean Farm on an August summer evening

It has been a changeable week this week with sudden showers giving way to sunshine and then swinging back again to grey, one Italian lady guest phoned home to Italy and her mother told her to "enjoy the rain as it was 40 degrees there! So our climate does have some compensations!
 I took this snap of the house the other evening after feeding the mares in the front field - they like to gather near the gate at the end of the garden watching the gateway into the courtyard.

April enjoying her supper

A horses eye view to the front door!

Are the shadows a little longer now and is the dew a little bit heavier? Certainly the grass hoppers have started to sing in the evenings bringing back memories of childhood holidays when I was allowed to stay up to a giddily late hours of ooh nine 'o clock.

The shadows on the lawn are a little bit longer now

Our now trademark teasels against the sea

Can you see the Gunnera on the little sunken lawn?

The seeds have held on to the glorious Golden oat
Grass framing the entrance to the Italian Garden

So all in all it was a quiet week here - we battled the Ragwort in the fields each day getting up at 6.00am to clear a section of pasture each day and only have two acres left to do.... groan..Pilling the evil yellow weed up on the bonfire ready to burn. Spud has continued to race about on his newly mended leg and the new hoover broke down ................. So it was back to........ Wait for it Anon Currys!