Thursday, 15 August 2013

A mousers llife

Spud Taylor "mousing operative"

A mousers life can lead to many adventures and if all else fails there is always a comfy chair with a good view to wend the day away. After last weeks adventure to the vets the blood curdling shriek under our window at about 5.00 am meant Spud was swiftly let in and I don't think he stopped until he got to his biscuit bowl! By the time I went across the lawn to feed the brood mares though he was racing along beside me on his normal form all thought or marauding tabbies forgot and soon got to work from a good view point on top of the post and rails.

Spud intent on his duties

Do not disturb serious work being undertaken

It was a two rabbit morning in the Italian Garden
this morning (the second is a little nearer to me!)

So a sleepy grey morning, this morning, at Ednovean with the sound of the sea roaring up from the cove below us and the droplets of water still clinging to the Crocosmia  - I  glanced into the Italian Garden as I passed and came to conclusion that it was a two Rabbit morning - not many people have an automated grass cutting system.......