Thursday, 27 May 2010

Early morning

We woke up this morning to such a fabulous morning and as always the first part of the ritual is to let Ollie in from his morning patrols. (Unfortunately this habit is preceded by our bedroom door being flung open by the determined feline at 4.00am demanding to be let out) Today though, there was a hint of specialness about the day and I padded across the courtyard in my Dressing Gown to record the silky dawn.
Special days come along every now and again - One of our guest last week left at dawn with the tide to spend a magical day fishing within sight of the Isles of Scilly, returning with the dusk tired but happy. He booked his trip directly from Penzance harbour aboard the Viking although I think he had to work hard catching all of those fish! The Mermaid has a super web site too and I've heard of some memorable days. Have a super day today - Ollie is now asleep (second palm from the right)............think I may wake him up!

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Cancellation for this week

Well we spoke too soon or was it tempted fate when we said we were fully booked this week because we have just had a cancellation for three days on the Pink room starting tomorrow, so if we can temp you "we're free"

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Summertime has come

Well day two in the life of the young filly Summertime sired by our Spanish Stallion Danilon and Day two of fabulous Summer weather

Just enjoying life!

Monday, 17 May 2010

Summertime!! A mew arrival

Ola to our latest arrival - Summertime a gorgeous filly foal unfortunately the light over the stable failed two minutes in to foaling so the remaining lights were not good enough for lots of baby pics but it's a fabulous morning and they are just about to go out to the field so back soon!

Baby filly in the natural light

Dad Danilon our Spanish Stallion, yesterday evening

Friday, 14 May 2010

A pet project

I walk across our front field yesterday to visit Lizzie who is not long from foaling and so we are keeping a close eye on her through the day and over the nights.............yawn!! Still i stopped to take a photo of the church sporting St Piran's flag flying bravely in the clear May morning. These fields will be grassed down for our expanding group of horses this Autumn but are just being prepared for their last crop of Maize i think. Horse can't wait for that new succulent fresh grass!

Still walking back across the pasture my "pet project" came into view - the path that we've made through the shelter belt with a bench tucked behind a sheltering hedge -looking out towards the shipping lanes over the fields where the horses graze..................

Lizzie and April with their sea view

back to the garden and my path..............

framing the village

and down the steps near the Apricot room

and no sign of foaling yet so still we watch and wait.

Friday, 7 May 2010

Lark song

A sparrow nesting in the creeper outside of our kitchen window

A highly confused Gull that spent the day tapping on one of the Apricot room windows to court the wooden bird inside

The courtyard at Ednovean Farm this morning

The larks have been singing high above our heads as we walk across the pasture to collect the brood mare and her foal in the evenings now and the sun is bright enough to shine pinkly though their ears of the baby rabbits as they scuttle back to the sheltering banks around the fields.
Spring has definitely sprung and creeping forwards into summer or so we thought until the weekend when the gentle sunshine of the morning gave way to steady rain about lunch time unexpectedly, soaking me as I exercised Danni around the Cornish lanes. We returned sodden with Dani's long crinkly mane shedding droplets of glittering water. Olley cat was similarly "caught" by the shower and managed to wail loudly enough on the doorstep to be heard through double glazing and a three feet thick wall! He soon dried himself easing his soggy paws on to my lunch time (now dry) lap and smelling damply of the hedgerows as he systematical licked his fur with his bright pink tongue.

With thoughts of summer, comes the village open gardens and last week we visited some of the gardens again to refresh my memory before writing the "visiting plan" - just a taste below of things to come - do visit if you can it is a lovely day out in an idyllic Cornish village beside the sea.

Perrancliffe - one of the gardens that will open on Sunday the 6th of June in aid of the Church room restoration fund

Yvonne's broody hen at Perrancliffe hard at work hatching her eggs hopefully in time for the village opening -

One of the gates ready to open and reveal its secrets on the 6th of June!!

The Joy of foraging

There is a certain joy to local foraging although my method is not quite the earthier variety I'll get too later! Take the other day for instance - first stop Trevelyan farm shop just up the road and filled with local goodies not to mention the aroma of freshly baked bread. To freshly baked quiche soon found their way into my shopping basket .........."now what was it I came in for?"

Of we went again to collect our free range eggs for breakfast freshly laid by the diligent hens of Kestral that industriously walk the pastures as opposed to lurking under the hedge as mine used to do but I suppose I shouldn't speak ill of the dead. On again and have you ever noticed those tempting little signs on the side of country lanes...........the next one led to some sumptuous home made jam from a porch bristling with hygiene certificates - the joy of local foraging!
My guests from Australia last week took the whole thing one step further though and went professionally foraging with Caroline Davey and spent many happy hours in the country lanes and on the sea shore learning about edible plants for free. They were given super of some of the gleanings - apparently Japanese Knot weed tastes a bit like Rhubarb!