Monday, 10 March 2014

Sky larks and sunsets

I heard the sky larks sing for the first time yesterday, as I cantered with Danni along a by way that threads up through one of the estate farms. To my right, the fields I had watched the tractors work the day before lay neatly turned with rich deep soil exposed and as i emerged on the top of the ridge the fields swept away into the distance across the valley, newly clothed with the warm fuzz of the new corns growth and in the far distance the tiny dots of cars on the A30 and lazily turning white wind mills with the hills behind St ives on the horizon. Such a beautiful day to share with a horse it was a shame to turn for home!

I've asked Charles to take a picture of Danni's Spanish walk that we practise assiduously every day when we get home so who know one day he may grace the blog again!

I lingered outside yesterday evening working with some dead hedging up near the lane and I was rewarded by a fabulous sunset from my eerie with the light glowing across the water and gleaming on our barn roofs

Looking down over our garden and out over
 Mounts bay

Alas, I can only share the pictures of the sunset with you,  not the dusk still warmed from the days sun, with the last melancholy notes of the black birds song hanging in the air accompanied by the rhythm of the waves rolling up  from Perranuthnoe's beach. Spud Cat had already gone inside when I collected the camera - well Charles was roasting a chicken after all and so I had this special moment with only the munching  and soft snorts of the horse as they too settled down for the evening as I put the last of my tools in the wheelbarrow.

Well I hope you all had a good weekend and remember you can find us iat if Cornwall calls you!