Saturday, 8 March 2014

A spring day!

Spring is writ large in the shadows now and sparkling in the morning dew Our  days are full of bird song and sea has settle from an angry roar to a more gentle rhythm.

Charles at work in the courtyard garden

As i exercised Danni yesterday I was passed by cars full of surf boards heading to the beach and builders lorries full of fencing panels heading for local gardens as the damage from the gales is finally put right. Here at Ednovean we've been lucky with a few slates here and there, some guttering from the back stables and a lost tree and now we've started our spring offensive still working in the house courtyard but getting closer to the ate to the main garden for sure!

Spud cat has declared spring and taken to his
favorite sunning bench!

"Well somebody has to supervise!"

We were tired but happy by the end of the afternoon and in the final moments of the day we had the first glimmering sunset for a while as the temperature dropped for nightfall. I hear Cornwall will be hotter than the Greek Islands this weekend but shh dont tell anyone!!

That's all from me this morning, time to go to work but you can find us at