Sunday, 16 March 2014

Feeling the daffodils

The ribbon of Daffodils that frame the lower lawn at Ednovean farm

I hope you're feeling the daffodils again this year the bright tenacious flowers that emerge relentlessly every spring whatever the weather. i took this snp on my way to feed the brood maes at the bottom of the garden as the dew still lay bright across the lawn each droplet catching the early morning rays of the sun and spreading a nearly incandescent glow about the garden. How I love these spring mornings when the world is fresh and new and the year spreads in front of us like an unread book - some pages are interesting and of and beg to be read again and some well they are the fill ins in the chapter and need flicking over! probably ferrying the debri and prunnings out of the garden after the winters storms would count as a "flick over" while my morning daffodils are definitely pages to savour!

Our "Palm avenue" is underplanted with Daffodils

To enjoy a spring break at Ednovean Farm do give us a call we are still offering our special spring breaks that give a reduction for three days or more!