Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Waiting for a cloud

St Michael's Mount with the towns of Penzance and |
edging Mounts Bay from Ednovean Farm

Maybe I'm just naturally impatient and on retrospection holding a camera and waiting for a cloud to move is not too arduous a task after all compared to the folks gloomily waiting at bus stops an tube stations watching the roads and tracks ready for their morning commute; the people looking at the flight delays rotating on the ever spinning airport boards incarcerated in soulless buildings before leaving an innocent water bottle emptying their pockets and the final irony the frantic flight calls for the passenger that finally strolls out of the loo with the "So" expression on their face. And so I took the photo anyway with the cloud casting St Michael's Mount into temporary darkness but with the joy of the sun sparkling on the houses on the other side of the bay the other morning as we moved about our morning routine. Big day today with a photo shoot in the garden which has been primped and preened ( well some of it) within an inch of its life so off to find the special pair of jods without holes and tie my hair neatly into a pony tail, Have a great day too and watch the clouds every now and again.

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