Friday, 28 March 2014

The garden at dusk

Well, as dusk fell and when the photographers and makeup ladies and models and people waving strange sheets of plastic had finally departed after the days photo shoot and the the garden had fallen silent from the gales of laughter that had filled it for the day. then,  I finally went for a silent  walk in the garden, so still and peaceful again after its day as a star. Spud had had naturally checked out the Autumn collection of course, padding into the van full of boxes and racks of clothes with all of the confidence of a VIP Cat but as a true professional, his lips are sealed until June when we are promised some mega photos of the house and garden Oh the suspense until then but i'll just have to wait!

Leaving the shelter belt  the east of the garden

So here are a few impressions from my evening walk starting, as you can see, at the top of the new path through the shelter belt that looks down over the garden and then crossing the lawn as the last rays of sun cast long shadows with Spud cat racing at my heels.......

The Palm framed lawn in the evening light

Daisies on top of a sheltering bank

A sculpture of an Angel by local potter Annie Henry
has come back out into the garden after a winter
in the garden room

The light was falling fast as i reached the Italian garden with its gravel paths that snake behind it always warmer hat the rest of the garden and now as neatly groomed as in the days that we used to open for the NGS although i fear our "mowing Rabbits" may have dined in a little too much style there!

One of the enclosed borders deep inside
the Italian Gardens

Spuds attention was caught as always when he gets here by the lure of an evening hunting amongst the shadowy hedges and so i left him using one of the statues pedestals as a "look out" and ready for his evening adventures.  It was such a busy day for a cat and a garden spinning from couture to horticulture, to rabbit hunts, all in one day!

The pahs that line the Italian garden suddenly open
out on to one of the lawns before plunging back into
the foliage

Spud selected his position with a good view point out to
the walk outside too

Spud finds the statue of DAvid  just perfect
 for his plans