Saturday, 22 March 2014

A walk in our spring Garden in Cornwall

We woke up yesterday in Cornwall to a fluttering blue day with a breeze to ruffle the leaves and a tantalising flash of blue showing out to sea in Mounts Bay. It was such a joy to see the sunshine again after a few grey days that didn't favour the camera and a week that saw Charles dislocate his shoulder in a freak accident catching a young horse. We were so lucky that there is still an emergency department in Penzance and he was quickly treated by a compassionate, experienced team - that's after we had caught all of the horses and bedded them down for the night of course - life on a farm is unrelenting. Surprisingly Charles was back pushing the wheelbarrow around again the next day

Charles bringing Hayledge down for the horses stabled by the car park

We are still engaged in the yearly battle to tame the garden after its winter of rest and a surprise booking for photo shoot in the Italian garden has led to a major push to clear it in our spare minutes, ready for it to look pristine for Tuesday.......So far the Charles has mown the grass yesterday, poo pooing my suggestion that the rabbits had done a fairly good job - apparently they don't mow consistently!  I  have started to work my way into the gravel border that backs it, discovering some mislaid barbecue tongs and quite a few bags of debris. I find the easiest method is to pack it into ton builders bags balanced on the wheelbarrow, which at least cuts down trips to the bonfire even if they don't pack themself! But today  won't share that part of the garden with you, we'll go for a stroll around the more open stretches and look at the daffodils instead!

Starting my garden tour at our entrance gate

The line of box balls you've already seen continue down into the car park
giving a nice relaxed rhythm to our entrance planting
interspersed by spring bulbs and joy,
the white tulips have come up again

Date Palms line one side of our car park and the bench that came in from the
garden for repair has found a perfect home to bask in the
early sunshine of the year so I doubt if it will return!

Looking down from the rear raised terrace

Moving on from the car park and down into the courtyard system formed
by Ian Lowe garden designer from the old farmyard

One the smaller side courtyard that frame
the main courtyard

Passing the parterre with the fountain at is heart

The fountain Charles fell in love with so many years go
when we were planning our garden

The angle of the bushes show how strongly the wind was blowing in this
wild section of the garden

back on the main lawn under the high sheltering hedge and all is calm

Over the years the clumps of Daffodils have grown plump

Looking down over he main lawn from the eastern shelter belt and there,
 the Italian entrance waiting for intense preening over the
next couple of days

Our Cornish garden at once wild and formal
and never quite tamed!

So busy days ahead for us and more photos to share on another day, from the warm heart of the Italian garden but for now goodbye from my recalcitrant Cornish garden!

Christine and Charles at Ednovean Farm  xx