Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Daffodils - have I said that before?

The first border beside the terrace snakes away in
a ribbon of Daffodils

I've hear baby birds starting to cheep from their nests under our eaves as we enjoy what has been described as "exceptionally mild weather" which I must admit I prefer to "Exceptionally Cold" and the season is turning to Spring.

Spud has grown towards adulthood and abandoned the stuffed mice and catnip toys, leaving them rather sadly in little corners. He is now  waging a one cat war on the countryside. Our gardening neighbours are thrilledd with his  cat Armageddon conducted on the local rabbits but I must Charles and i have developed a pincer strategy to rescue the bunnies and return them to the field -  I distract or grab the cat and Charles seizes the bunny but don't tell anyone! All around us now the bird scarers boom as the farmers get ready to harvest the next crop of spring greens and cabbages and our garden is filling with Daffodils particularly the miniature ones that I have rather a fondness for. We have entered the season of Daffodils or have I said that before?!

Agaves and Daffodils side by side at Ednovean farm

Just relax

Danni snoozing by his empty manger

The quintessential relaxing Bed and Breakfast I think! My morning ride was slightly delayed the other morning because Spanish Stallion Dani had unaccountably nodded off again after his Breakfast. he looked so comfortable there was no option but to wait to the end of his morning nap A definite case of the "do not disturb" sign!

Ollie Cat enjoying my favorite jumper from the village shop

But you know how a morning goes, you get up, do your jobs, go indoors.................only to find Ollie has nodded off in the laundry basket - you'll notice he didn't manage to fit his tail in In short I am beginning to think "designation human" might not be the best job on the farm.

Still, as the day drew to a close, what better way for weary humans to enjoy a quick super, than Fish and Chips, eaten by Porthlevan Harbour watching the lights dance on the water.

Porthlevan harbour still a little blurry even though I held
my breath!

And so as the day drew to a close, in which the animals of Ednovean farm had truly relaxed as we tended to their needs, we parked by the harbour on a balmy evening with warm breezes blown from the Azores, the sea gently lapped the shore below us, somewhere a loose piece of rigging rang out as it taped on one of the boats below and even further away a dog barked as the houses settle down for the evening.........The fish and chip shop was shut of course........Just relax!

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Breakfast for two

We've had steely grey days, pale Grey days and nominally grey days - sometimes garnished with light rain and this morning? Undetermined grey I would say - still, waiting for our guest to arrive for their special breakfast to celebrate a shhhh birthday Charles took a snap of our waiting Dining room cosily sitting under the candle light. Nothing like a lengthy relaxing breakfast to start Sunday - even if it is pale grey!

I've added a second chandelier over our sitting room
to reflect in the over mantel mirror at the end of
the room

and this week the AA sent through an award too!

Breakfast is what you make of it I suppose, we live in a rustic barn so our full English is workmanlike offering, ready to set walkers up for that tempting coastal path at the bottom of the village. Smoked bacon, honey roast chipolatas, the freshest free range eggs from Kestral Farm St Hilary collected from the farm gate, Tomatoes and Mushrooms all served with fresh Orange Juice, Fruit, Cereals, Organic Yeo Valley Yogurt not to mention crunchy granary toast with Trewithen Dairy butter.  Of course we do have lighter options on offer and the walk to Cudden point or ST Micheal's Mount isn't mandatory - some people go back to bed to recover can't be my cooking I've got the certificate to prove it!

Wednesday, 22 February 2012


Do you think this window needs painting??

Paws for reflection!

Chasing Daffodils

With Spring approaching, the first Daffodils in the garden are always a joy, even though the fields are glowing bright yellow in vivid flashes across West Penwith but these are "our" Daffodils, secreted in the ground each year with the hope of spring and all of the wishes that go with them for the following year and then suddenly they are here. Finding the new clumps I have added,  I remember putting the bulbs to my basket with my summer/autumn shopping, digging the hard summer ground to plant them in anticipation of this moment when they emerge one more in ever increasing numbers, a sort of hope bank for the season.

Ollies splendid outing

With the sudden sunshine Olley emerged from his self imposed hybernation and plodded solemly around the garden behnd me stopping to take in the view every now and agian and even crossing "no cat's land" the lawn in order to supervise me taking photos of the Daffodils - although he did draw the line at walking down to the wildest part fo the garden where the earliest ones grow. He can be seen here resting after his marothon walk, on a weathered bench helpfully positioned to  soak up the wrmth of the afternoon sun, helped by the radiator effect of the old stone wall behind him.

"Grass needs cutting" Ollie Taylor

Watching very carefully

Spud ventured as far as the sheltering hedge of the horses fields

The shadows of the Palm trees were somehow beguiling after so many
dull days

An avenue of adventure

Back to the terrace - Spud can't resist demostrating his superior
springing power!

At last the purrfect spot just below the Apricot room

and that is how olley got there!

A surprise inspection

Ednovean Farm, Perranuthnoe, this February

We had a lovely surprise the other afternoon when, without warning, the skies cleared and we had the first taste of spring. Olly and Spud set out around the garden on what was for Olly at least the first constitutional of 2012 but more of that in my next post. Today i thought I'd tell you about my sterling garden clearance of oh at least one border, disposal of our humongous muck heap in a three ton muck spreader about the farm and general spruce up of the back stable block. All of which left me slightly dishevelled as i opened the front door to a smiling gentleman who turned out to be the Michelin Inspector on his annual surprise visit! So there you have it - you can never tell when he weather is going to radically change or an inspector will call! I suppose it was a little bit better than the time, one summer, when I emerged from the vegetaion, spattered by plant debree, clasping a petrol strimmer, wearing a face mask!

I took the picture of the house and Parterre earlier in the week, just as the skies cleared and as you can see the sun is climbing higher in the sky, lighting more of the courtyard, after the winter shadows when the sun only touches the corner of the building

Monday, 13 February 2012

Sunshine and clouds

St Micheal's Mount from the terrace just outside of the Pink room
looking down across the garden

February always flatters to deceive and whilst Ollie remains convinced of his decision to requisition a laundry basket in front of the Rayburn (don't worry it is my clothes!) and stay there until the spring, occasionally the sun brakes through with a seductive embrace. This morning over Mounts Bay for instance the sun moved quickly illuminating  the far moors just as suddenly casting whole towns back into shadow. St Micheal's Mount looked dramatic with the clear light with the distant bracken of the moors glowing bronze. Soon the tender green shoots that are starting to show under the shelter of the banks will spread slowly but surely out across the far hills and we can declare spring.....but not quite yet!

 Looking across the bay through the old pump
that stands in the courtyard

Out to sea from our courtyard again with Perranuthnoe church in the village
below the farm

The entrance to our Italian garden with the sun on the hills
 beyond look closely and you will see the flash
of yellow from the daffodil fields

The Date Palm in our "newest"  border buffeted by the wind

That perfect blue sea flatters to deceive - I bet it is chilly!

Thursday, 9 February 2012

A little bit frosty

Frost on the Parterre this morning my favorite photo for today

The garden looked this morning as though somebody had shaken icing sugar over it, with a glissening coating of white. I wasn't surprised after listening to the forcast and of course the birds have been moving closer for the last few days,  collecting the oats that horses drop under their bowls. The Robins attention  extends to the moment the feed bin lid is raised,small feathered muggers arriving to collect their dues, it is easier to put them a hand full out on the forecourt, than dodge their flying bodies.

I thougth I might take a look for that special frosty phot but alas they are pretty ordinary but the Spud accompanied around the garden flitting in and out of the cameras range and generally getting in the way - mostly, he is the stray tail retreating out of shot but he did sit trasfixed when a gas gun went off from  neighbouring farm - small white ears pricked, so I turned my attention to him instead! anyway below, so soon after my last garden walk is my impressions from the morning taht icing sugar fell from the sky!

The sundial Garden to the right of the Blue room
The main Parterre in the courtyard
Looking down towards the Italian garden

Inside the Italian Garden - I've covered the Agave up!

Diva ready to go out this morning
I suddenly realised I had a curious audience this morning

Spud the official garden monitoring cat amongst the newly shooting daffodils

Spud outside of the Blue room French doors for the last word in Frost! Brrr

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Fantastic day

We woke up to a fabulous morning today in Cornwall, clear but chilly with a paper blue sky I climbed the steps to take this view, looking down on our courtyard with the froth of Date palms with the sweep of Mounts Bay with St Micheal's Mount beyond. It is the first view that our guest to Ednovean Farm have as they park their cars half concealed and yet enticing the visitor to enter. A gateway down to the gardens that pace the adventure, leading onwards, sheltering and revealing always the same and yet always different - today well today was a show off day of bright sunshine on sparkling leaves and tomorrow? - well the clear skies will bring the frost for sure - I've covered up a few of the Agaves and am like many travellers "travelling in hope!"

The view from the car park down over the courtyard and out across Mounts Bay and St Micheal's Mount

What is happening in the February Garden?

The fountain that is the centre of our courtyard in what was the old farmyard

The lady of the fountain, the gentle water music that starts the morning here

Leaving the courtyard through the gate we had especially made for it

The first shoots of the Cardoons

I found the Rosemary flowering in the gravel border

The acid green Euphorbia is a welcome flower at this time of year

The Aloes are surprisingly hardy

The emerging day lilies and bulbs

Looking back into the courtyard full of secret corners

The sturdy reclaimed granite pieces that frame the Parterre

A terracotta head, a present nearly twenty years ago has acquired the patina of time

A little hidden corner behind the house - home to the washing line!