Thursday, 2 February 2012

Welcome February...I think!

Sunset from Ednovean Farm garden in February

Little shards of ice had spread across the lane form the frozen puddles yesterday morning, sign of that a car had driven along before me as I walked down to feed Diva and Belle, our two TB brood mares, on the first morning in February. It is surprisingly cold for Cornwall but poor Europe with minus 37! now that is cold.

The house and Parterre the first day in February

Ice had formed on the fountain in the middle of the courtyard and the cats were dubious about the idea of "outside" and after  brief foray said they preferred "inside" thank you - In fact Ollie is still sitting beside me puring gently this morning and he normally gets up at a heady 5.ooam for his morning constitutional I think last nights clear skies will lead to another Ollie grounded day too but at the moment it is too dark to tell. Certainly i spent a little time yesterday evening manoeuvring the geraniums nearer to the house walls and covering the more tender plants with nets to keep them warm - lets hope it works. And of course the clear skies have led to another "sunset photo - while I was waiting i saw the two little mossy, granite steps caught in the pink glow of the setting sun a fitting end to the day and the beginning of the month.

Granite steps leading up o one of our terraces - see the Blue room to the right too

I've finished my facebook photo album for January - do take a look you should be able to view it even if you are not a facebook users and don't forget to look at our facebook page ever now and then the link is at the very bottom of the web page - I put the latest local events on there if I find them.

January album:-
The start of my February album!