Thursday, 9 February 2012

A little bit frosty

Frost on the Parterre this morning my favorite photo for today

The garden looked this morning as though somebody had shaken icing sugar over it, with a glissening coating of white. I wasn't surprised after listening to the forcast and of course the birds have been moving closer for the last few days,  collecting the oats that horses drop under their bowls. The Robins attention  extends to the moment the feed bin lid is raised,small feathered muggers arriving to collect their dues, it is easier to put them a hand full out on the forecourt, than dodge their flying bodies.

I thougth I might take a look for that special frosty phot but alas they are pretty ordinary but the Spud accompanied around the garden flitting in and out of the cameras range and generally getting in the way - mostly, he is the stray tail retreating out of shot but he did sit trasfixed when a gas gun went off from  neighbouring farm - small white ears pricked, so I turned my attention to him instead! anyway below, so soon after my last garden walk is my impressions from the morning taht icing sugar fell from the sky!

The sundial Garden to the right of the Blue room
The main Parterre in the courtyard
Looking down towards the Italian garden

Inside the Italian Garden - I've covered the Agave up!

Diva ready to go out this morning
I suddenly realised I had a curious audience this morning

Spud the official garden monitoring cat amongst the newly shooting daffodils

Spud outside of the Blue room French doors for the last word in Frost! Brrr