Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Daffodils - have I said that before?

The first border beside the terrace snakes away in
a ribbon of Daffodils

I've hear baby birds starting to cheep from their nests under our eaves as we enjoy what has been described as "exceptionally mild weather" which I must admit I prefer to "Exceptionally Cold" and the season is turning to Spring.

Spud has grown towards adulthood and abandoned the stuffed mice and catnip toys, leaving them rather sadly in little corners. He is now  waging a one cat war on the countryside. Our gardening neighbours are thrilledd with his  cat Armageddon conducted on the local rabbits but I must Charles and i have developed a pincer strategy to rescue the bunnies and return them to the field -  I distract or grab the cat and Charles seizes the bunny but don't tell anyone! All around us now the bird scarers boom as the farmers get ready to harvest the next crop of spring greens and cabbages and our garden is filling with Daffodils particularly the miniature ones that I have rather a fondness for. We have entered the season of Daffodils or have I said that before?!

Agaves and Daffodils side by side at Ednovean farm