Monday, 13 February 2012

Sunshine and clouds

St Micheal's Mount from the terrace just outside of the Pink room
looking down across the garden

February always flatters to deceive and whilst Ollie remains convinced of his decision to requisition a laundry basket in front of the Rayburn (don't worry it is my clothes!) and stay there until the spring, occasionally the sun brakes through with a seductive embrace. This morning over Mounts Bay for instance the sun moved quickly illuminating  the far moors just as suddenly casting whole towns back into shadow. St Micheal's Mount looked dramatic with the clear light with the distant bracken of the moors glowing bronze. Soon the tender green shoots that are starting to show under the shelter of the banks will spread slowly but surely out across the far hills and we can declare spring.....but not quite yet!

 Looking across the bay through the old pump
that stands in the courtyard

Out to sea from our courtyard again with Perranuthnoe church in the village
below the farm

The entrance to our Italian garden with the sun on the hills
 beyond look closely and you will see the flash
of yellow from the daffodil fields

The Date Palm in our "newest"  border buffeted by the wind

That perfect blue sea flatters to deceive - I bet it is chilly!