Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Fantastic day

We woke up to a fabulous morning today in Cornwall, clear but chilly with a paper blue sky I climbed the steps to take this view, looking down on our courtyard with the froth of Date palms with the sweep of Mounts Bay with St Micheal's Mount beyond. It is the first view that our guest to Ednovean Farm have as they park their cars half concealed and yet enticing the visitor to enter. A gateway down to the gardens that pace the adventure, leading onwards, sheltering and revealing always the same and yet always different - today well today was a show off day of bright sunshine on sparkling leaves and tomorrow? - well the clear skies will bring the frost for sure - I've covered up a few of the Agaves and am like many travellers "travelling in hope!"

The view from the car park down over the courtyard and out across Mounts Bay and St Micheal's Mount