Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Just relax

Danni snoozing by his empty manger

The quintessential relaxing Bed and Breakfast I think! My morning ride was slightly delayed the other morning because Spanish Stallion Dani had unaccountably nodded off again after his Breakfast. he looked so comfortable there was no option but to wait to the end of his morning nap A definite case of the "do not disturb" sign!

Ollie Cat enjoying my favorite jumper from the village shop

But you know how a morning goes, you get up, do your jobs, go indoors.................only to find Ollie has nodded off in the laundry basket - you'll notice he didn't manage to fit his tail in In short I am beginning to think "designation human" might not be the best job on the farm.

Still, as the day drew to a close, what better way for weary humans to enjoy a quick super, than Fish and Chips, eaten by Porthlevan Harbour watching the lights dance on the water.

Porthlevan harbour still a little blurry even though I held
my breath!

And so as the day drew to a close, in which the animals of Ednovean farm had truly relaxed as we tended to their needs, we parked by the harbour on a balmy evening with warm breezes blown from the Azores, the sea gently lapped the shore below us, somewhere a loose piece of rigging rang out as it taped on one of the boats below and even further away a dog barked as the houses settle down for the evening.........The fish and chip shop was shut of course........Just relax!