Wednesday, 22 February 2012

A surprise inspection

Ednovean Farm, Perranuthnoe, this February

We had a lovely surprise the other afternoon when, without warning, the skies cleared and we had the first taste of spring. Olly and Spud set out around the garden on what was for Olly at least the first constitutional of 2012 but more of that in my next post. Today i thought I'd tell you about my sterling garden clearance of oh at least one border, disposal of our humongous muck heap in a three ton muck spreader about the farm and general spruce up of the back stable block. All of which left me slightly dishevelled as i opened the front door to a smiling gentleman who turned out to be the Michelin Inspector on his annual surprise visit! So there you have it - you can never tell when he weather is going to radically change or an inspector will call! I suppose it was a little bit better than the time, one summer, when I emerged from the vegetaion, spattered by plant debree, clasping a petrol strimmer, wearing a face mask!

I took the picture of the house and Parterre earlier in the week, just as the skies cleared and as you can see the sun is climbing higher in the sky, lighting more of the courtyard, after the winter shadows when the sun only touches the corner of the building