Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Ollies splendid outing

With the sudden sunshine Olley emerged from his self imposed hybernation and plodded solemly around the garden behnd me stopping to take in the view every now and agian and even crossing "no cat's land" the lawn in order to supervise me taking photos of the Daffodils - although he did draw the line at walking down to the wildest part fo the garden where the earliest ones grow. He can be seen here resting after his marothon walk, on a weathered bench helpfully positioned to  soak up the wrmth of the afternoon sun, helped by the radiator effect of the old stone wall behind him.

"Grass needs cutting" Ollie Taylor

Watching very carefully

Spud ventured as far as the sheltering hedge of the horses fields

The shadows of the Palm trees were somehow beguiling after so many
dull days

An avenue of adventure

Back to the terrace - Spud can't resist demostrating his superior
springing power!

At last the purrfect spot just below the Apricot room

and that is how olley got there!