Thursday, 1 March 2012


How lovely to sit with morning coffee in the garden in March enjoying the spring sunshine even if  I can see so many jobs to do around me. I have a favourite spot for taking photos of the mount in all of her moods on our terrace in front of the Pink room window and today there was a suspicion of a heat haze slightly blurring the outline but the magical turrets were still caught by the morning sun. our Ecium in the foreground is the "great survivor" now growing some frest new leaves and it really might flower quite soon. Anyway with the wonderful weather I really couldn't procrastinate any longer about the borders and have so far fill two ton bags for the bonfire and only managed the little courtyard at the back of the house - oh dear! So i took a little stroll around the garden with the camera instead and then this month we will see how the garden progresses.

Through the archway to the first little courtyard I've finished - the
statue was a bargain find at Rosudgeon car boot sale!

The little sundial garden behind the house

A path through the long grass and a rabbit just deciding whether
to multiply or eat - wish he'd mow the lawn!

The hedges are still very bare in the Italian Garden but the
Statues are tastefully clothed with lichen 

Spud enjoying the afternoon sunshine - those ears are
getting pink already