Friday, 30 March 2012

An evening in Porthleven

Porthleven pier with the Lizard Point beyond in the far distance

We finally got tot Porthleven for our traditional "Fish and Chips by a Cornish Harbour" one of those traditions that creep up on you probably started in childhood. Still as I waited watching the silky smooth water reflect the golden sunshine

The last rays of the sun catching gold on the water

 the Gig crew hoved into sight a mean machine powering across the harbour with easy strokes

The returning Gig crew at Porthleven

As the sun dipped behind the houses we made our way along the harbour passed the projecting pier where the locals promenaded or fished from the harbour walls and finally took the narrow lane that winds out of the village towards the evocatively named "wrestling fields".

The clock tower at the Pier head

A lazy ripple of waves beyond the harbour

We waited for the sunset watching the sun burn across the water and finally the moment arrived and the camera announced in no uncertain terms "batteries need replacing" sigh and so these two photos are the only ones!

The magic of the sun setting over the sea

The end of a beautiful day