Saturday, 24 March 2012

A day in the life of Ednovean Farm

my favourite Mount position as the skies cleared
mid morning

A day in the life of Ednovean Farm? Well yesterday for example - we always start quite early feeding the horses and just lately Dolly has started her schooling in the mornings before breakfast (yawn) a sort of effective time creation!

Dolly 4 starting her schooling with my husband Charles

The day started fairly cloudy but as the sun rose the skies cleared and I was able to take that magical shot of St Micheal's Mount from the courtyard one of my favourite vantage points - zooming in on the
 St Micheal's Mount beyond our sheltering belt of palms - I was intrigued to catch a glimpse of Penzance from an unusual position framed by the trees and the courtyard gate - I think that is the thing about garden views they should surprise and reveal and always give something to discover - anyway this after all of my preening with a camera, was my discovery yesterday. A niche, a little slot of blue, unexpectedly revealed........

A surprise view across Mounts Bay to Penzance,
from the courtyard framed by the gate

WE found time to sneak on to the (vacant Blue Room terrace) to try out the sun loungers there and soak up the sunshine for an hour in the afternoon before tackling window and door painting using the brown Sikiens wood stain that our planning permission dictated many years ago ( windows may be white or brown stain)which was an promotion form yesterdays power washing of gates and stone work. We were supervised by Ollie and Spud of course- Ollie particularly never misses a coffee break in the way of elderly cats, he magically, appears plodding relentlessly to solemnly claim his lap and sing his eternal purr song. Spud on the other hand prefers more robust activities and is never happier than when escorting us around the farm bounding beside us like a mini lion, occasionally stopping to explore mouse hole before racing to catch up.

Spud enjoys exploring - this time the Pink room bathroom

and finally our day complete the final drama of the sunset. It is shaping up to be a warm weekend so head to Cornwall if you have the time it is going to be a good one!

Yesterdays sunset was quite different - more "silent"

I really should cut back those Pampas's now!! but!!

The final "Turnereske" moments of the day