Wednesday, 7 March 2012

It's a cats life

Ollie enjoying a warm window sill at Ednovean Farm

I thought it must be a cats life today as I watched Ollie tightly curled on one of the barns broad window sills in a patch of sunshine. It was over twenty years ago now that I laboriously sanded the old floorboards to make the window sills,with a belt sander, for them to be fitted by my father. My father was even then in his eighties,  complained I was working too slowly! Nearly twenty two years on and the mellow wood has been carefully oiled and waxed but still bears the scars of its of its earlier life before  finishing its journey in our barn  sporting distinctive bore holes of ships beetles in places, from some time spent at sea. So the timber that may have travelled the seven seas has finished its life as a warm comfortable place for Ollie to while away his morning basking in the sunshine.........unless!