Sunday, 18 March 2012


St Micheal's Mount from the terrace at Ednovean Farm

The wind has turned at last driving away the dirty grey skies and bringing back the welcome sounds of the sea. To celebrate nature laid on a dramatic sunset for us, setting behind St Micheal's Mount. How the position of the sunset has changed looking back into the winter when the sun set much further to the east over the open sea but I took this one from the terrace just in front of the Pink room at the end of my day.
Of course our day doesn't finish at dusk - we always go out to finally check our horses before bed time making sure all is well giving final feeds and topping up water buckets for the night. The night is usually silent a good  time to reflect upon the day and maybe admire the stars.......but the other night the peace was broken by loud snorts from the young horses across the lane - a crescendo, a frenzy or at least a snorting competition. We set off to investigate and Charles remarked "Pigs! There are six pigs there" and there snuffling under the stable doors for fallen oats were six plump porkers under Magic and Archies very noses. Needless to say they were not amused having never seen a pic before in their young lives  and the piggy kind are the equivalent to the boggie man to horses. I must say i felt quite nervous too as aparently they can deliver a nasty bite - they settle for some of Danni's Spillers nuts though. What to do with them though?A few phone calls later and the owner had been located and arrived with a torch and bucket full of rattly pig offerings to temp them home - they were last seen disappearing into the darkness and peace fell once again on the stable yard. So there we have it, the things that go bump in the night after sunset or in this case squeal snort!

Sunset behind St Micheal's Mount framed by the palms
in our garden

End of the day at Ednovean Farm