Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Nature's April Fool

My favourite view from the terrace looking over the garden
to St Micheal's Mount

Sailing boats tacking in the breeze by St Micheal's Mount
 harbour taken in our back fields

Nature played her very own April Fool joke on us this 1st of April by awarded us a day of Mediterranean sunshine When St Micheal's Mount looked enchanted beyond our garden and the yachts danced upon Mounts Bay on a blue, blue sea...................
As it was Sunday we awarded ourselves an afternoon lounging in the Italian Garden in the delicious warmth and later watched two bats flirting in the dusk about the courtyard - so what happened?? Natures joke i suppose as the weather men gaily predict sleety showers tomorrow but boy did we enjoy Sunday!

St Micheal's mount beyond our garden

I took this one from the back field to see all of the Mounts "skirts"!

A sailing boat off of St Micheal's Mount

The entrance to our home

Our entrance with the sea beyond - that is Mousehole
and Newlyn across Mounts Bay

Ah well it is supposed to get warm again for Easter!