Sunday, 16 March 2014

Introducing our latest staff member


Our latest staff member ( should now add to join our vibrant term in lingo speak)is still considering his contract options and may insist on a further period of probation has kindly agreed to a preliminary photograph. He was recently made redundant from a senior executive post at a fabulous manor house and at eleven thought a semi retirement post away from the traffic with good rabbiting opportunities would suit his plans.

Louis has spent a week "laying in", commandeering a quiet cupboard for a period of meditation on the change in his circumstances, to which I added a hot water bottle to make him feel at home. he is currently engaged in dialog with Spud Cat senior mouser into exact division of roles but has made is clear that he expects all lap sitting duties to fall to him. The final test will be, of course. at the end of the week, when he inspects the gardens and grounds and takes an inventory of our rabbit stocks until then we are under probation!

One small step for Louis....... out of the cupboard