Sunday, 18 August 2013

Red sky at night

A glorious sunset from Ednovean Farm

The glorious sunset from Ednovean Farm the other evening should have given some weight to the saying "red sky at night Shepherds delight" to indicate good weather to come but alas it rained the following day...........Perhaps the predicted return to Summer that is starting to be promised by those Weather people is slowly creeping across the country and lending gravitas to the sunset a day or so earlier than the predictions!

St Micheal's Mount framed by the teasels that soften the boundary between
garden and farmland

The sky was so glorious I was spoilt for choice to position the camera!

On the farm this week Lillie made the big move into the big paddock leaving the little orchard in front of the stables to join her half sibling Lizzie and form a pact to take on the world - well maybe they will have to grow a little bit first. They came back into the small enclose though,  for their field to be topped yesterday and I caught them examining their winter feed with the air of skilled "window shoppers"

Lizzie (left) and Lillie (right) in front of the hayledge store

We've nearly finished our struggles with the horrible Ragwort - a coupe of busy days of changeovers and washing machines slowed the progress but tomorrow is definitely the day when we beat the weed!