Thursday, 5 September 2013

Flirting with butterflies

Danilon our Spanish Stallion strutting his stuff in the car park

At last the air is filled with Butterflies flirting on the breeze as the summer days grow alas shorter. How we took those pretty ephemeral creatures fro granted through our lives and now I realise what a privileged it is to see them dancing around the garden in their own private ballet.  All around us now as i ride Danni (Danilon) I watch  the combines churn over the Cornish banks laced with honey suckle as the fields are slowly lose their crops of corn, leaving neatly wrapped straw bales in their wake. This bank holiday the road in and out of the village was busy for a single track winding road and so Danni took his morning exercise in the safety of the car park and by Tuesday all was calm again for Danni's morning constitutional!

Spud donning his mousing hat at sunset

Bank Holiday for the Italian Garden with a blue, blue sky

Our statues in the Italian Garden have gathered a
wonderful covering of lichen