Sunday, 22 September 2013

The fading days

The early morning mist brings its own charm to the garden

The first of the Autumn storms that arrived unexpectedly like a thief, to steal away those balmy wonderfully long days of Summer.   Now at last it has cleared away, with the softer gentler days of soft misty mornings and creeping nightfall. The golden fields of corn that we passed have all gone now leaving gentle fields of yellow stubble with the new shots of green starting to creep back and only the odd abandoned bale to mark the passing of the harvest. The country lanes are alive now with blackberry pickers seemingly behind each bush with a crackling plastic bag or ice cream container - my the jam pots of West Cornwall will be overflowing very soon!

We visited two of Danni's sons this week in Marazion and driving back along the river it took this snap of St Micheal's Mount, perhaps looking as it would have done to weary pilgrims many centuries ago - well maybe with a little bit smaller building!

St Micheal's Mount from Marazion Marshes

Marsh grasses tossed in the breeze in front of the Mount

The close of the day and i took this snap from our kitchen window of a
quiet golden sunset

A snap of our Dining room after Breakfast one morning always a cosy
 spot to start the day

Figs from the courtyard left over from Breakfast

A cheerful Dining room no matter what the weather is doing!
We had a gorgeously sunny afternoon

and so with changeovers completed, washing done
horses exercised, Spud and i sampled the steamer chair!

"Turned out nice again" Love Spud xx

I hope you've enjoyed a few moments from our week at Ednovean Farm do pop along to our web site to take a peek to!