Thursday, 5 September 2013

Deck chairs and idle moments

We found this lovely old vintage steamer chair at the
local reclamation yard and had it recovered many years
ago now

Last Saturday i decided on a "spring" clean for the garden room and pulled out a much loved but half forgotten find from many years ago found in a slightly dilapidated condition the late Trader Grey's Reclamation Yard.  Once I had sanded and oiled the wood and we had a new brightly covered canvas slip made for it, it became an object of some grace for the courtyard garden even if, alas, we don't actually have time to sit in it!

What wonderful days we have had for the garden and how lovely to watch the fields around us slowly emptying of corn leaving only the tightly wrapped bales behind as the blackberries ripen in the hedgerows.

Looking back towards the house over the lawn - the Pampass grasses will
soon be in full swing - the final hurrah of the summer party

Looking along the grass border in front of the Italian Garden - I bought the
pretty giant Timothy type grass from  Lower Kenneggy Nursery

A sunny terrace winding away in the dappled light of the early evening

Bright and blowsy Geraniums somehow suite this tiny
original window 

Santolina and Box balls leading up to the sundial garden

and finally to that newly Spring cleaned Garden room............

The cosy welcoming little room that we made from what was probable the
old diary

The mirror behind the sofa was a sale room find and the mirror reflected in it
was made to the same size as the vintage side board

I spent weeks stripping the old sideboard (£5 sale
room find) of its sticky dark varnish

Our garden room i much loved and furnished mostly with "found items" that have been patiently refurbished over many hours and somehow they feel more "ours" for the work that we put in to give them a new life and more special for their uniqueness - but not much time for Deck chairs and idle moments I must admit!!