Sunday, 29 September 2013

A sentimental journey

We took a sentimental journey to Stackhouse Cove

We took a sentimental journey to Stackhouse Cove from our home at Ednovean Farm this week, to enjoy the last balmy days of the Indian Summer, retracing our steps along the coastal footpath, that we used to walk our lurcher Blaize along many years ago. These days we are normally too busy to find the time to walk but this Tuesday we put some special time to one side and set off along the footpath that leaves Ednovean and winds towards Trebarvah before forking off across the field of old turf towards the cliff. The heady hum of the insects accompanied our walk turning the Cornish banks into throbbing hubs of industry and sea below whispered against the rocks seeking the tiny crevices in the granite and slate and stirring the pebbles, in its eternal task of claiming the land to its own domain.

Looking back towards Perranuthnoe with its big sandy beach and you
can see St Micheal's Mount beyond the headland

Blaize always used to sense when we were planning to walk to "our" secret cove for a picnic and would be beside himself with excitement but sit determinedly beside the back pack that was waiting to be filled - all morning if necessary, until the time came to walk the magic walk to Bunny hunting heaven and day of his people all to himself. some days if the tide was in he would swim across to the little beach cut of by the tide - something he only agreed to do in this particular place. he would race ahead down the cliff and prance across the rocks waiting for the slow humans before crouching low at the waters edge and lowering himself into the silky water and setting off like a little speed boat with me doing my best to keep up in a cumbersome breast stroke beside him

Blaize swimming for the beach

Exploring the rock pools

These days we haven't a dog to share our adventure but the cove loomed blow quiet and lonely - solemnly waiting for us on our yearly pilgrimage and the scent of the sea was enough to transport us back to happy days in the idle sunshine even though it stated to drizzle slightly as we ate our sandwiches and we had to retreat to a cave for a while. Too soon it was time to turn towards home and the waiting jobs but eh scent of the sea lingered on in our memory along with a happy lurcher, on our sentimental journey to retrace our step back in time just for a day

Cattle grazing blow Acton Castle

Acton Castle still stands above the cove with a fascinating history once even purchased by Nelson's navigator with his prize money from the battle of the Nile half remembered tales of smugglers and forgotten tunnels leading to the cove and the sea caves of course encrusted with mosses and looking like entrances to a fantasy world.

late foliage clothing the ancient banks

Sea caves and Mine audits in the cliff face

The water fall still flows down into the cove

Nets and flotsam gathered by a friend of the cove and put on the old

Our walk home along the coastal path

From our memories looking down into the sea

A draining sea pool at low tide

The waterfall after the rain

We live at Ednovean farm a little farm above the village of Perranuthnoe and alas these days we haven't a dog - just a cat and eight horses and possibly six guests enjoying West Cornwall