Sunday, 6 October 2013

Then we shall begin....!

Late sunshine on the sweep of lawns leading on
into autumn

"Are you sitting comfortable then we shall begin" those half remembered words from childhood radio lead us into our first blog of the real Autumn. Those days when the leaves start to gather along the side of the road, still crisp and sharply shaped and the berries decorate the hedgerows and the shops start to shyly put just a few Christmas goodies around the shops must be called the beginning of Autumn the anticipation of the end of the year. But here in the Ednovean Garden the foliage is still fresh and green and the Pampass grass's are leading a merry dance towards the sun and there is still a sense of growth and anticipation in the air with each day to come - maybe it is the balmy weather we have been having of late but I for one have settled down to enjoy our curious mid air season of "summumn"

The Gunnera has enjoyed the spring like showers

The old gate post that makes a fairly convincing focal
point at the end of a vista

Early morning and the day is full of promise

The Parterre in the courtyard beside the house

Spud contemplating his days "work"!

Early morning here and Spud claiming the first rays of
sunshine to creep across the terrace

Every cat needs a throne don't you think!?

We live at Ednovean farm with eleven horse a cat called Spud and hopefully six happy house guests!