Sunday, 13 October 2013

Between gates

The entrance gate at Ednovean Farm

The lower garden gate out into the fields

Rather like the seasons we are between two gates the more substantial gate into the car park besides the stables, topped by a whimsical stone ball and softened by the textures of the foliage. Here i the morning we can see the sun rising across the lane but the yard has been sunken down into the hillside over the centuries so the first tendrils of sunshine reach here as the morning begins to warm. Each morning now brings our morning routine a little bit nearer to the dawn and sometimes I look up to watch a sea gull pass overhead, the sun flashing on its wingtips as it tosses itself restlessly against the wind, as I stand still in the shadow caught in a twilight and sheltered by the high bank and hedge. By contrast the garden gate that leads out into the field is a simple affair where the horses like to gather to watch us work sometimes and the guests visit to look out over the valley and take photos of the view over the village and bay.

Our life goes on between the gates, sometimes the sunset is stunning filling the horizon beyond with a fiery light, some days a last glimpse of summer to enjoy and steal a few minutes to sit in the sun and dream again of the the garden and the plans for its life. the changes we could make or maybe just think of the work we could do! But really a garden is a timeless world of seasons set comfortably between two gates and settling down to weather the winter and welcome the spring

Sunset over Mounts Bay from Ednovean Farm

newly emerging Pampas seed heads casting shadows on
the courtyard walls

A tantalizing sliver of blue sea beyond a Greek pot
set in the courtyard

The garden is full of the drama of the big grasses at the

So all in all we enjoyed the garden ourselves for a couple of brief hours the other day sitting over lunch and trying out the steamer chairs and looked at the warm sun through half closed eyes - just for a while of course!

The gardeners rest - Charles took a break beside his newly mown
Spud Cat prefers a little bit more shade and tucks himself up under  a bench
in the courtyard

The box parterre in the main courtyard this week