Sunday, 27 October 2013

Waiting for the storm

I climbed up the back field behind the house for a different view of
St Micheal's Mount this morning and I could already see white topped
waves breaking over her foreshore

St Micheal's mount

Then i turned the camera a little to the right to look down into Marazion

There has been an uneasy feeling for a day or two with the birds swooping over the house in tightly packed groups swinging and circling away on the breeze and the newly fallen  leaves have raced passed in little sorties along the road. How different from the other morning when Spud lounged on a garden bench in the car park soaking up the last rays of sunshine

Spud has spotted a new opportunity in a bench brought
 into the yard for mending

It makes a perfectly cosy cat look out

Just right to watch the world go by in fact

So this evening the horses ar in their stables, the garden pots have been moved to safer positions and I've spent some time digging out the drain from
Sophie and her daughter share a stable

Danni busy with his supper

A sunset earlier in the week
the lane so now we can only wait see what happens. Be careful out there