Sunday, 20 October 2013

Around a circle

Walking around the Garden with Ian the other day he commented that the
circle was no longer there so......

We've had some lovely afternoons this week and tinkered here and there in the gardens here at Ednovean. Ian's timely reminder about the textured circle that Charles used to mow in the lawn gave us pause for thought and so one has been added to lift the garden for the Autumn season and maybe invite our guests to walk the Labyrinth again! The temptation was though, to move an urn lost in the undergrowth back to centre stage - a difficult undertaking not made any easier by the earnest help of Spud Cat chief garden inspector....

I think that is the correct position

Better check the base though

Yes very nice

A view from the Italian Garden back over the lawn

Just time for a spruce up after all of that work