Sunday, 15 September 2013

Warm gravel on an Autumn day

Ednovean Farm in September 2013

The first storm of Autumn has swept through today tossing the garden and rocking the terracotta pots but just as suddenly the skies clear and Spud can be found squirming ecstatically in the gravel in the car park in his own personal pussy heaven!

Spud CAT mouser extraordinary

It's a cat's life!

Just purrfect!

We had a lovely surprise visit from Ian Lowe who designed our garden last week on a beautiful sunny morning and he was kind about the garden, forgiving some of my mistakes and suggesting a few major changes for the winter months to come. It is fun to plot and plan the garden at this time of year looks forward to the next summer to come.....although digging up the fairly mature Olive trees may be hard!

The courtyard garden designed by Ian Lowe

The "other" side of the garden wall that frames the terrace

and finally looking across the lawn the other morning  towards the bay

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