Sunday, 8 September 2013

A change in the air

A Butterfly warming itself after the storm in the afternoon sunshine

my! I had only just thought "there is a change in the air" when the skies darkened and we had a deluge of biblical proportions. We were lucky that we had just finished excising the two boys (horses by the way!) and contemplating a cup of tea before our new guests arrived, when the heavens opened. The rain pounded down and we couldn't even leave the barn to scurry into the house and so we just watched the gathering stream gush passed that had somehow circumnavigated out flood drains and headed fro the main courtyard. By the time we had sprinted into the house the water was gathering on the top terrace in front of the front door!

The flooded terrace looking out of our front door

A storm approaching over Mounts Bay from our Kitchen window

The extraordinary thing was that by the time our new guest had arrived all was calm again - strange thing the change of the air!