Monday, 5 October 2009

Today at Ednovean Farm

Foals Annie and Archie climbing the hill above Mounts Bay with their mums Lizzie and April in attendance this morning.

Amie growing more independent of her mum Diva

Mares and foals at Ednovean Farm

We woke up this morning to the insistent tap of the falling rain - the first here for over three weeks, catching in glowing droplets on the bamboo outside of the stables. But after breakfast the skies unexpectedly cleared for a gorgeous day the the young foals and their mums relished about the farm here - My how they've grown our little band of foals by our Spanish stallion Danilon ( for more horsey picture go to Dani's blog) but I thought you might like to see how they were doing!

Archie (ten weeks ) with his mum April enjoying the newly refreshed grass