Saturday, 27 September 2014

The last day of Summer

One of the unspoilt coves that line Mounts Bay

We celebrated the last day of summer in splendid isolation, last Sunday,on one of the secluded little coves that line Mounts bay. We  slipped into the chilly waters to swim before picnicking on the foreshore and absorbed  wonderful memories of a stolen day of sunshine before setting off for home, sure that would be the end of summer............ but do you know? We did it all again this afternoon and the sea was much much warmer in fact!

The joy of a staycation - no lost days in airports before being scanned for explosives and removing sundry items of clothing and personal belongings that disappear on a conveyor belt. No panics about passports and tickets. No watching the lady with the baby heading for the empty seat beside you before spending the flight as an unofficial nanny Ah the anticipation of the cellophane wrapped meal with plastic cutlery..........Just open the front door and set off in the Cornish sunshine for an instant away from it all adventure! and the last day of Summer?? Well not yet - not in Cornwall anyway! happy sigh

We sat and listened to the waves rolling in