Tuesday, 14 October 2014

The professional cat

Spud Taylor Esq.

As a busy Bed and Breakfast profession Spud Taylor has a very busy itinerary and of course always has to spend some time scheduling  with PR opportunities as they arise. He understands the need to prepare for a photographic opportunity and is a master of staying relaxed in front of the camera whilst gently guiding his journalist into always showing his good side. No really it is not only actors and actresses that have to know their good sides if a cat is not to open a publication and say eeyherrr ..........but nice article.

The process all starts with a good PR arriving promptly when required and taking time for that special attention to grooming of course.

Read Spud Cats three point plan for publicity photos

Arrive promptly at the time agreed and great your journalist answering any questions with gentle charm but stay near to your chosen points you wish to emphasise in your career point.

Make sure you are fully prepared, relaxed and confident

Finally offer a choice of profiles to the camera keeping the breath relaxed and natural - don't force the pace.

and voila! 

Spud Taylor Esq

Choose an appropriate background with good lighting - side lighting often works well. Spud has found the  "golden hour" just before sunset gives the best results with his coat colour.

and finally take your leave, politely and firmly at the appropriate moment - of course leave your contact details for any queries but be firm when the session has come to a close.

Goodnight from Spud

Spud Cat can be found meeting and greeting at Ednovean Farm and luckily doesn't suffer from an allergy to humans. He does take precautions however by keeping to his own quarters and is seldom seen about the house except in case of heavy rain or snow.